F500 1% 3% 6%

Product details

Technical Data

Proportioning rate1%  3%  6%
Specific gravity at 20℃light yellowish liquid
Surface tension≤30
PH Value at 20℃6.0-9.5
Freezing point≤-5.0 ℃
Recommended storage temperature-5 to -45℃
Foam Expansion at 20℃≥5 (3%)
≥6 (6%)
25% Drainage time at 20℃≥2.5 (3%)
≥3.5 (6%)
Extinguishing timeClass A ≤90s
Non-polar ≤3 min
Polar ≤5 min
25% Fire-Resistance Time≥10.0 min
Shelf life15 years

F-500 is the newest generation of the mostcomplete, high efficient and environment-friendly fireextinguishing agents. It is an idea complex replacingkinds of water-borne agents, like aqueous film,alcohol resistance and etc., which demonstratesoutstanding performance to extinguish fires of wood,paper, cotton, dry grass, coal, rubber, non-polarliquids( gasoline, crude oil), polar liquids( ethanol,methanol) and chemical raw materials. The proportion1% is perfect for Class A fires, 3% for hydrocarbonfires and 6% for polar solvent liquid fires, whichfills out the blank of fire extinguishing technologyin China. It adopts advantaged micro encapsulatortechnology to efficiently extinguish fires and controlthe spill of hazards and dangerous odor emanating,demonstrating outstanding performance of rapidextinguishing, instant cooling, afterburning prevention,obvious heat insulation, smoke eliminating and etc..




1% for class A type fires, 3% for hydrocarbon fires, 6% for polar solvent fires and metal fires.