Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) 1% 3% 6% 100%

Product details

Technical Data

Proportioning rateAFFF 1%AFFF 3%AFFF 6%
AppearanceLight yellowish liquid
PH value at 20℃6.0-9.5
Freezing point-30℃ adjustable-10℃  adjustable-12℃  adjustable
Surface tension(mN/m)17.2+/-10%17.1+/-10%17.2+/-10%
Interfacial tension(mN/m)2.8 +/-1.02.4 +/-1.02.4 +/-1.0
Foam Expansion at 20℃6.5 +/-1.0 or 20%6.4 +/-1.0 or 20%6.1 +/-1.0 or 20%
25% Drainage Time at 20℃(min)1.9 +/- 20%2.9 +/- 20%3.0 +/- 20%
Extinguishi Time (min)≤3.0≤3.0≤3.0
25% Fire-Resistance Time (min)≥10.0≥10.0≥10.0
Shelf life

10 years

ApprovalEN1568 Part 3,ICAO Level B,CCS,IMO MSC.1/Circ1312

LCF-AFFF 3% is an aqueous film forming foam concentrate (AFFF) consisting of a blend of fluorocarbon-,hydrocarbon surfactants and various solvents and stabilisers. Only C6 Pure fluorosurfactants are used in LCF-AFFF formulations.

AFFF 3% utilises the unique film forming effect to cut off oxygen supply to the fire and the oleophobic properties of the foam enables a stable foam blanket to suppress reignition of the fire.




Class B fires of hydrocarbon fuel

Oil field and oil depots,coal mines,large chemical plant,airports and marine ships;

Storage tanks(non-polar solvent type only);

Flammable liquid containment areas(non-polar solvent only);

Truck/rail loading or unloading facilities;

Processing/storage facilities;

Docks/marine tankers;

Crash Fire Rescue.