High expansion foam 3% 6%

Product details

Technical Data

Proportioning rate3%  6%
ApperanceClear pink liquid
PH Value at 20℃6.0-9.5
Specific gravity at 20℃1.04 ±0.01g/ml
Freezing point-14℃ (adjustable)
Liquidity at 20℃≤25 mN/m
Sediment volume %before aging ≤0.25 can pass 180μm
after aging ≤1 can pass 180 μm
Foam Expansion≥201
50% Drainage Time 20℃13 min ±20%
Extinguishing Time≤150s
Shelf life3 years
ApprovalEN1568 Part 3

A superior high expansion foam concentrate foruse in any High expansion system. It is consistingof hydrocarbon surfactants blended with varioussolvents and stabilizers. It does not containany fluorinated surfactants or polymers (PFAS)or other organohalogens. HEF hould be usedat 2-3% concentration in fresh or sea water ifmedium or high expansion foams are requireddepending on equipment used.



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from 200:1 to 1000:1


good performance for the fire in the limited space Large aircraft hangar Underground tunnel Underground oil depot Underground garage and coal mine Ship Chemical warehouses.