Fluoroprotein Foam (FP) 3% 6%

Product details

Technical Data

Proportioning rateFP3%FP6%
AppearanceDark brown liquid
PH Value at 20℃6.0-9.5
Freezing Point-20℃ (adjustable)-10℃(adjustable)
Foam Expansion at 20℃ (min)5.5±1.0 or 20%5.4±1.0 or 20%
25% Drainage Time at 20℃ (min)4.8±20%4.73 ±20%
Extinguishing time (min)≤4.0
25% Fire-Resistance Time (min)≥10.0
Shelf life2 years
ApprovalEN1568 Part 3    CCS

This product takes protein foam extinguishant as basic materials, with proper fluoro-carbon surfactant added. It is available to put out large grade fire of oil-tanks by subsurface-injection way also can be mixed with dry powder extinguishing agent to get better effect.




Class B fires of hydrocarbon fuel.   Description: It takes protein foam as basic material, with proper fluoro-carbon surfactant added. FP3% ( 3 parts concentrate with 97 parts water) FP6% ( 6 parts concentrate with 94 parts water).