Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP) 3% 6%

Product details

Technical Data

Items Standard
Proportioning rate3%  6%
AppearanceDark brown liquid
PH Value at 20℃6.0-9.5
Freezing point-8℃ ±4℃ (adjustable)
Surface tension  mN/m17.5±10%
Interfacial Tension mN/m2.3±1
Foam Expansion at 20℃7.2±1.0 or 20%
25% Drainage Time at 20℃ (min)2.5±20%
Extinguishing time (min)≤3.0
25% Fire-Resistance Time (min)≥10.0
Shelf life2 years

Film forming fluoro protein. The word acronyme FFFP is the most used term and the FFFP foams comes in many variants such as FFFP 3%, FFFP 6% and there are specific names used by LCF such as FFFP 3% ICAO. It is also called “fluoro protein”, “fluoroprotein”, “filmforming” and ” film forming”.



Application:Class B fires of hydrocarbon liquid.

Description:FFFP foam contains hydrolysed protein,preservatives and fluorinated surfactants and forms film on surface of the fuel.It can be applied directly onto the fire surface and is also suitable for subsurface injection.FFFP 3%(3 parts concentrate with 97 parts water)FFFP 6%(6 parts concentrate with 94 parts water).