Intumescent coating for steel structure interior

Product details

Technical Data

Intumescent coating for steel structure interior

Fire resistance rate 1.5/2.0h



The fire retardant coating is a new generation of indoor expansion steel structure fire retardant coating which is composed of emulsion as film forming material, adding fire retardant material high quality color filler and additives.


Principal Characteristics

Thin coating, light weight, strong adhesion, good decoration, non-toxic and pollution-free, good fire resistance and so on.



It is suitable for fire protection of interior steel structure members in commercial and residential buildings.


Technical Data

State condition

After stirring, the mixture is uniform and delicate, thick fluid state, without agglomeration.

Dry time(surface dry


Initial drying resistance to cracking

No cracks

Bonding strength/Mpa


Thermal insulation efficiency deviation


PH value


Water resistance

24,the coating has no starting layer, foaming, peeling phenomenon

Heat and cold cycle resistance

15, the coating has no starting layer, foaming, peeling phenomenon

Fire resistance

Coating thickness is 3.0-3.8mm and the fire resistance time is 1.5/2.0h



Recommended substrate conditions

Approved primer must be clean, dry and free from any contamination,zinc-rich epoxy primer




Surface Treatment

1. The surface of steel base material coated with fireproof coating of steel structure should be strictly dehydration and derusting. After sandblasting, derusting shall reach the standard of Sa2.5 level, and manual derusting shall reach the standard of St3 level or above.

2, the application of fire retardant coating, need to detect the surface of the substrate anti-rust paint and fire retardant paint compatibility, shall not use does not meet the requirements of high brightness of anti-rust paint, so as not to affect the adhesion of fire retardant coating.

3, in case of high brightness, high hardness of anti-corrosion paint, should be polished or coated with a middle paint transition, recommended to use the company's supporting epoxy anti-rust primer.


The coating reference

1, the coating should be fully stirred before construction, such as too thick with the right amount of water dilution. The theoretical coating dosage is 1.0~1.2kg per square meter per 1mm dry film thickness spray coating.

2, the construction should be above 5, air relative humidity 85%, brush coating, roller coating, spraying can be, each time the thickness of the construction is not more than 0.2mm is appropriate, until the coating is basically dry (gently push the coating does not move), before the next brush, until the specified thickness.

3, fire retardant coating is completely dry, before spraying or brushing on the outer surface of the coating special protective finish paint.

Shelf life

1, Storage period: 12 months.

2, Storage temperature: 5~40°C.

3, Storage environment: the product should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, prevent direct sunlight exposure.

4. Transportation: The products are water-based materials, which belong to non-hazardous chemicals and are handled as common articles.



1, this product is water-based coating, rain and snow weather or steel component surface condensation is not suitable for construction.

2, the coating is indoor coating, such as the steel structure of the open air environment must choose this kind of coating for protection, need to be in the coating surface for special protection fabric treatment.

3. This coating is prohibited to be mixed with other coatings and oil crops.

4. During the construction and maintenance period, the sun, rain, dew or mechanical damage should be prevented.

Limitations Of Liability

The information and data of this product are accumulated according to our experience in test and actual use, which can be used as a reference for construction. For the construction of the situation we do not understand, we only guarantee the paint quality, other aspects of the problem is not responsible. This description, we will according to the continuous improvement of products, have the right to modify. The technical indicators of the products shall be subject to the company's official inspection technical standards for finished products.



It is suitable for supporting single-layer columns, beams, roof bearing components and evacuation stairs in the fire-proof grade of architectural design