Cementitous coating for steel structure interior

Product details

Technical Data

Cementitious coating for steel structure interior

Fire resistance rate 2.5h/3h


Indoor non-intumescent steel structure fire retardant coating is inorganic insulation material as the main component, plus

Into the polymer adhesive by mixing a new type of fire retardant coating, coating non-toxic, tasteless,

Non-flammable, non-asbestos, coating can withstand high temperature flame impact for a long time, with bulk density

Light, good fire resistance, moisture resistance and other characteristics.

Indoor non - expansion steel structure fire retardant coating is suitable for high-rise buildings, large - span industrial workshop

Etc. Structure fire protection requirements of high fire cover, can also be used for general buildings and industrial plants

Fire prevention measures.


Technical Data

State condition

After stirring, the mixture is uniform and delicate, thick fluid state, without agglomeration.

Dry time(surface dry


Initial drying resistance to cracking

No cracks

Bonding strength/Mpa


Compressive strength/Mpa


Dry density, kg/m3


Water resistance

24,the coating has no starting layer, foaming, peeling phenomenon

Heat and cold cycle resistance, times

15, the coating has no starting layer, foaming, peeling phenomenon

Fire resistance

Coating thickness is 27-31mm and the fire resistance time is 2.5/3.0h




Construction method

1, Construction machine: appropriate to use manual daub, can also be used special spraying equipment spraying.


2. Basic treatment: oil and ash should be removed.


3, Base spraying: the use of special glue, paint and water to prepare a complete set of base material, ratio: special glue: paint: water =0.3:0.8:1 (weight ratio), in the mortar mixing Stir in the machine for 6 minutes, into a uniform thick pulp can be used. Mixing, should add water after adding powder, the two can not be reversed. Construction using spraying method, thickness control The system is about 2 ~ 3mm (spray a coating). The amount of base material is about 1.2 ~ 1.5kg/m2.


4, Fabric smear: indoor non-expansion steel structure fire retardant coating is powder mixture, in the mortar mixer according to the coating: water =1:1.05 (weight ratio), mixing,should add water before adding powder, the two can not be reversed. Stir for 6 minutes to form a thick paste with a consistency of 7 ~ 9cm. Use manual daub method construction, each daub thickness is controlled within 0.8cm; The interval time for secondary daubing is generally 24 hours (temperature 20℃). And according to the specified fire resistance limit Apply to a certain thickness.


5, Slurry storage time: slurry should be mixed with the use, at room temperature should be used up within 2 hours (hot weather is shorter), do not store too long, resulting in the adhesion of the coating,etc.


6, Coating strengthening: in order to ensure the durability of use, it is recommended to take necessary coating strengthening measures. Coating reinforcement generally refers to the fire resistance requirements in super high-rise buildings or steel structures under the condition of particularly high, galvanized steel wire (diameter 0.6 ~ 0.7mm) is used to wrap a circle on the steel beam at an interval of 10cm, and the steel beam is wrapped in a section wrap the middle of the web again.


7, Construction environment: coating construction period and construction within 24 hours, the environment suitable temperature is 0℃ ~ 38℃, humidity is less than 85%. In extremely dry and hot conditions,the necessary maintenance conditions should be created to prevent the coating from losing water too quickly (such as shading, water spraying).


8. Exterior decoration: after the coating is hardened, it is off-white and can be painted with various waterborne architectural coatings.


9, other construction matters, can refer to the general lightweight aggregate plastering construction process.


25kg bag; 

Storage period: 6 months; 

Storage and transportation: this coating is non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-dangerous goods, according to the general material transportation regulations.



1. Once the packaging bag is opened, it must be used, and the damp caked coating shall not be used.

2, in the process of storage and transportation, indoor non-expansion steel structure fire retardant coating should not be affected with moisture and packing.




It is suitable for fireproof coating and fireproof protection of steel structure bearing members in all kinds of new, expansion and reconstruction industrial and civil construction projects