Cementitous coating for steel structure exterior

Product details

Technical Data

Cementitious coating for steel structure exterior

Fire resistance rate 2.5h/3h


Cementitous coating is inorganic insulation material as the main component of fire retardant coating.

Principal characteristics

Thin coating, light weight, strong adhesion, good decoration, non-toxic and pollution-free, fire resistance and prevention good fire performance and other characteristics.



Outdoor non-expansion steel structure fireproof coating can not only be used as the general building structure fireproof coating, but also can be applied to petrochemical engineering garage oil drilling platform and other buildings which are prone to high temperature fire caused by hydrocarbons.


Suitable standard  GB14907-2018

State condition

After stirring, the mixture is uniform and delicate, thick fluid state, without agglomeration.

Dry time(surface dry


Initial drying resistance to cracking

No cracks

Bonding strength/Mpa


Compressive strength/Mpa


Dry density, kg/m3


Heat exposure resistance

720,no peeling, hollowing and cracking

Heat and humidity resistance

504, no peeling, hollowing and cracking

Freeze-thaw cycle resistance

15, no crack, fall off or blister

Acid resistance

360, no emergence, shedding and cracking

Alkali resistance

360, no emergence, shedding and cracking

Salt spray resistance

30 coating without foaming, obvious deterioration, softening phenomenon

Fire resistance

Coating thickness 28-34mm, fire resistance time 2.5/3h


Basic level processing

1. Surface treatment of steel components: oil and ash should be removed, and the surface should be clean. This coating has a certain anti-corrosion effect on steel components, but for outdoor or humid environment, the steel surface still needs to be coated

Anti-rust primer.

2, the surface of the base: in the application of outdoor non-expansion steel structure fire retardant coating must be carried out before the base, the base material with portable spray gun spraying, thickness of 2-3mm, the bottom can be basic uniform.

3, the base material preparation: according to the special glue: paint: tap water =1:3:2.1 or so for preparation (water consumption slightly adjusted for spraying).


Instruction for use

1, Construction machine: the use of manual daub, the base using portable spray gun spraying, muzzle diameter of 8-10mm, air compressor pressure of about 4 atmospheres.


2, Fireproof coating mixing: coating is powder mixture, mixed with the right amount of tap water in the low-speed mixer and mixed into thick slurry. (Note: water should be added first and powder should not be reversed) the consistency should be suitable for application (the consistency is generally about 8cm). The mixing time should be 6 minutes, not too long, and the mixing can be well. Water consumption according to paint: water =1:0.86 or so.


3, Coating thickness: according to the fire protection requirements of the coating thickness in the range of 0.8-2.8cm, each application thickness control within 1cm, the second application interval time is generally 24 hours (Temperature 20℃). The interval time of ambient temperature and humidity should be adjusted accordingly.


4, Construction environment: during the construction of paint and within 24 hours after the construction, the environmental temperature shall not be less than 4℃. Like ordinary cement mortar, it will suffer freezing damage before solidification, but during coating when set and partially dried, the coating resists freezing damage.


5, Reinforcement treatment: the coating is reinforced with steel wire, adopt a galvanized steel wire (wire diameter 0.6 ~ 0.7mm), in the steel beam at every interval of 10cm winding a circle of method, and in the steel beam wrap the web around again. In order to ensure the durability of use, it is built when the steel component has a large width or the coating is not completely wrapped around the structure shape, and under the condition of vibration and mechanical collision discuss the reinforcement measures such as bandaging wire mesh.


6, Slurry use time: slurry should be mixed with the use, at room temperature should be used up within 1 hour, the base material in 1.5 hours used up (hot weather is shorter), do not store too long, caused slurry lining on the reduction of the cohesive force of the base.


7. Appearance decoration: the coating is gray after hardening, and the surface can be painted with architectural paint after drying.


8,Other construction matters, can refer to the general lightweight aggregate plastering construction process.


9. Once the packaging bag is opened, it must be used, and the damp caked coating shall not be used.


10, The paint should be designated by the professional construction personnel, our company can be the construction application units for the construction of technical guidance.


Cleaning and maintenance

1. Clean the construction tools with water.

2. Please follow the local environmental protection requirements for the disposal of waste water after cleaning.

3. In extremely dry and hot conditions, necessary maintenance conditions should be created (e.g Shading, wind protection measures), prevent coating water loss too fast to affect the strength.



1. Packing: 25kg bag.

2, Storage period: 6 months.

3, Storage and transportation: this coating is non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, non-explosive, non-dangerous goods, in accordance with the general material transport regulations.



It is suitable for fireproof coating and fireproof protection of steel structure bearing members in all kinds of new, expansion and reconstruction industrial and civil construction projects