Alcohol Resistant Fluoroprotein Foam (AR-FP) 3% 6%

Product details

Technical Data

Proportioning rateAR-FP 3%AR-FP 6%
AppearanceDark brown liquid
PH Value at 20℃6.0-9.5
Freezing point-14℃ (adjustable)-10℃ (adjustable)
Foam Expansion at 20℃6.4±1 or 20%7.7±1 or 20%
25% Drainage Time at 20℃ (min)5.6±20%7.2±20%
Extinguishing time (min)≤4.0≤3.0
25% Fire-Resistance Time (min)≥10.0
Shelf life2 years
ApprovalEN1568 Part 3    CCS

An alcohol resistant fluoro-protein foamconcentrate (FP-AR) consisting of hydrolysedprotein hydrolysate and a blend of fluorocarbon-,hydrocarbon surfactants and polymers,various solvents and stabilisers. AR-FP foamconcentrates are formulated with 100% C6Pure fluoro-surfactants and fluoro-polymers.On hydrocarbon fuels, AR-FP 3% forms a foamblanket to cut off oxygen supply to the fire andthe oleophobic properties of the foam enables astable foam blanket to prevent reignition of thefire. With polar fuels, the special fluoro-polymerforms a stable barrier that suppresses vapoursand allows the foam blanket to survive on thewater miscible fuel surface.




Class B fires of hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel..This extinguishing agent is widely used in initial fire protection and extinguishing fires in large chemical plants,airports,wineries,chemical storerooms,oil depots and shipping venues in which flammable liquid produced or stored.Its performance is superior to protein foam and fluoroprotein foam.